How to Make a Minecraft Server

Do you want to host Minecraft yourself, so other players can join the server you rule online? The following are the types of servers that you can set up and the steps on how to make a Minecraft server:


The first one is Vanilla which you can add more features, the other one is the Tekkit server which is a modded server and the last one is Bukkit server which is also known as the craftbukkit server which uses plugins to add more commands to it.

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The first step in our guide “how to make a Minecraft server” is to have the necessary files

how to make a Minecraft serverThe necessary files can be downloaded for free BY CLICKING HERE. Once you have downloaded the files, if you are using windows you need to click on the Minecraft_server.exe link found under the multiplayer server heading. If you are using MAC operating system or Linux then you need to download Minecraft_server.jar.


Your second step will be to create a folder where you will download the server files to. The next step is to install the latest version of Java if this has not been done. Then run the server. You do this by going to your Minecraft folder and opening the folder where you have Minecraft_server.exe file. Double clicking on the .exe file will open an installation window. This window will show you the progress of your server installation. Your server files will be configured automatically through this window. Once this process has been completed, you are able to access it on your local network or even online.




You could be using MAC operating system

In this case you will need to locate your Minecraft_server.jar file and create a text file. Your text file must be in plain text mode. Copy this file:

cd “$(dirname “$0″)”
exec java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar Minecraft_server.jar

You can always change the RAM allocated by changing 1G to 3G and this will depend on your system. Next, click on file then save as and save this text tile as “start.command”. Open your terminal and type “chmodA+x”, drag your start.command file and drop it on your terminal to give the correct path to your file then press enter to save your changes. You are almost there. Next, you need to do a DoubleClick to your command file to start your Minecraft server.

To connect to your server:Minecraft server

Your first step is to set privileges for your operators. After running your server for the first time, you need to exit and open a file called ops.txt located in Minecraft Server directory and add an administrative username to the file. The administrator will be in charge of banning and kicking players from the game and perform other administrative duties like adjusting settings.


Next, add your players or friends by opening the whitelist.txt fine located in the directory. Enter the names of your friends in this file to whitelist them. You will have set and defined the group of people you want to play the game with to prevent unwanted persons from getting into your game. Next, you need to give your friends your IP. Give them your server’s IP or the name of your host which they will enter in the multiplayer menu of Minecraft. If you are playing with friends within your local network, then share your local IP with them and if you are connecting with friends on the internet, then you need to share your external IP or hostname to be able to play.

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